“This show was a sweet combination of whimsy and thoughtfulness, exploding all the aspects of beloved Alice into an entrancing theatrical collage of words and songs.”
- Amanda Palmer

Photo by Brian Wilson

Lew's Reviews"I was crying walking down the street after seeing this show. Everything about it is excellent." 

Edinburgh Festival For Kids"identity and belonging are touched on with the clever use of a rotating cast which further enhances this endearing piece." 


“Are You Alice takes fragments of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and uses them as found objects, repurposes them into a haunting oneiric journey.”

-Neil Gaiman


“[Samantha] punctures through a story about trauma with brightness, humor, and authenticity that is a relief” - Show-Score Reviewer, Soldiers & Other Living Things

“[Samantha is] the scene stealing older sister and source of comic relief” -Show-Score Reviewer

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