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The Rest of Them

The Rest of Them takes you on a delicate journey through the little moments that catch and move us in our daily lives, and the seemingly mundane joy of being able to share momentary revelations with the loving ear of a partner that forever listens to every thought. However, these little thoughts give way to bigger ideas, and facing those larger revelations together proves a different challenge altogether. Leave it to Blythe and Elise to do some expressive dance while chatting about Zoe EY, crocheting on Saturday nights and the family.

the rest of them film festival winner selected nominated
the rest of them film festival winner selected nominated
the rest of them film festival winner selected nominated
the rest of them amber Frances Sam Turlington Ausette Andries poster

Behind the Scenes

Ausette Anderies



Ausette is a Glasgow-based actor and producer. She recently completed her MFA Acting Classical and Contemporary Text at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and previously trained with Prague Shakespeare Company, Utah Shakespeare Festival, and Herberger Institute. She has also studied movement work, including ballet (Royal Academy of Dance), salsa, bachata, and swing. 

She is deeply interested in telling stories that explore ethical dilemmas, power dynamics, and the shared values that arise within communities in response to these issues. She is hoping to engage with new works, as well as reimagining and repurposing classical texts for modern audiences. Much of her work focuses on outreach and accessibility to subjects including Shakespeare, climate science, and space for thoughtful expression.

Odhran Thomson


Odhran is a writer, poet and habitual apple-cart upsetter. 


Commissioned by Vanishing Point in 2022, he works to place emphasis on trans and queer joy through his writing - creating the perfect balance of witty mischief and thought-provoking reflections on gender, identity and positivity. Drawing from his experience of transition in the UK, Odhran will bring you intricate details, politics and heartfelt honesty, all with a sense of the optimism of youth. 


Odhran was particularly excited to create this piece as it allows freedom for celebration of the calm contentment that accompanies queer relationships in 2023. He is particularly interested in taking queer-specific experiences and translating them into universal emotions that will be resonant with diverse audiences.


Amber Frances


Amber Janssens-6.jpg

Amber is a Belgian actor from Antwerp. Prior to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Amber studied at LUCA School of Arts in Belgium. She is a theatre maker, actor and writer, does voice-over work and works as script consultant. She has EU citizenship.


Theatre Credits include: Trompe L'Oeil, The Last Witch and The Dutch Courtesan (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland), Scenes from Twelfth Night (RCS and The Shakespeare Globe), Ground Grown (Villanova Festival, LUCA School of Arts) Moenieworrienie (LUCA School of Arts), and Merlin or The Waste Land (fABULEUS, LUCA School of Arts)


Film/Tv Credits include: Look At Me (GMAC Film), Corked (RCS On The Verge Festival), Moonlighter and Revenge (Frame), and Her Name Was (LUCA School of Arts)


Spotlight Pin: 1530-1274-1914

Sam Turlington


Sam Turlington [they/them] is an American actor/creator from NYC. They hold a BFA from The New School and The American Musical and Dramatic Academy and an MFA in Classical and Contemporary Text from The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.


Theatrical and vocalist credits include: The Virgin Trail (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland); As You Like It (RCS); Twelfth Night (Shakespeare’s Globe/RCS); Wall 2 Wall: Stephen Schwartz (Symphony Space); Rockabye Hamlet (OTG); An American Victory (Original Studio Cast Recording); Soldiers & Other Living Things (14th St. Y); The Magic Flute (80WSE Gallery); Taming of the Shrew, Much Ado About Nothing (OpenAir Shakes); Oddity (Trans Theatre Festival)


Film/TV credits include: One Minute Before (Jérémie Dameme); Pandora's Box: Unleashing Evil (Sharp Entertainment); Deadliest Decades: 1990s (Lion Television); Morning Routine (Cusack/RCS)


In addition to a performance career, Sam is equally at home as a director, educator, producer and consultant. 

Sam Turlington723.jpg

Spike Wright

Director of Photography

Tomekeeper Productions


Urtė Rusteikaite

Art Director

Jayme Bartlett

1st Assistant Director

Andrew Harman

1st Assistant Camera

Ewan Farmer

2nd Assistant Camera

Kayla Dewees

Costume Designer

Joanna Arends

Production Assistant

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