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The Rest of Them takes you on a delicate journey through the little moments that catch and move us in our daily lives, and the seemingly mundane joy of being able to share momentary revelations with the loving ear of a partner that forever listens to every thought. 

Best Actor at the Berlin Short Awards

Best LGBTQ Short at the Paris Int. Short Festival


Info coming soon! 


Chloe, a victim of domestic violence is caught between trusting the police force that has so far proven unreliable in truly protecting her and her abuser’s campaign of threats and manipulation

Best Super Short at the Hollywood Movie Awards

16 awards, 28 nominations/selections

Looking for Sam's resume? Click here for all the deets! 

Screen Shot 2023-09-18 at 4.59.34 PM.png

Sgt. Max Gunn, retired leader of a black-ops commando unit, is reinstated to lead a team of elite specialists deep behind the Iron Curtain in order to track down his mentor and traitor to America, John Lyman.


S2: E6 Blood & Oil

In 2012, a missing person case in North Dakota grabs the attention of Homeland Security. Investigators unravel a scheme involving stolen fracking profits, a ruthless conman and his murderous partner, and at least two victims of their boundless greed.

deadliest decades poster investigation discovery

S1: E8 Don't Ask Don't Tell

In 1992 a young American sailor is beaten to death in Japan. Ten days later, his tattered body returns home, with little information from the Navy. His mother goes on a desperate quest to learn who's behind her son's vicious murder.

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