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Educator / Consultant

[Name] is a dynamic and versatile professional dedicated to nurturing emerging talent and empowering independent theater and film companies. With a passion for education and a profound understanding of the arts, [Name] has made a lasting impact on both high school and college-aged students as well as the thriving world of indie theater and film.

As an educator, [Name] has been instrumental in shaping the artistic journeys of high school and college students, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and passion to excel in the performing arts. Their engaging teaching style and commitment to fostering creativity have earned them the admiration of students and colleagues alike.


One-on-One Coaching

Whether it's audition prep, headshot & resume review, self-tape feedback or a hands on acting session with your favorite monologue, Sam has the right approach to help you feel confident on stage or screen

Acting Rehearsal


Got a big group?

Sam offers workshops! From ensemble building to scene study, they can create a custom program to suit any production or educational needs - single day or week long programs available

Young Businesswomen


Every project comes with challenges, let Sam guide you with their wide range of industry knowledge and experience - group rates available for educational venues

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